Insurance Europe Prevention Forum

Drafts for comments

Revision of CEA 4001 - Sprinkler Systems: Planning and Installation (CEA 4001, Draft 2016)

On behalf of the consortium of prevention bodies, mandated by the National Insurance Association of their country in Insurance Europe Prevention Forum:

ANPI, CEPREVEN, CNPP, DBI, FPA, VdS, we are pleased to provide documents for an amended version of the non-binding CEA standard “Sprinkler systems: planning and installation" (CEA 4001). These documents have been drafted by the Expert Group EG4

Please send your comments or suggestions to Géraldine Guichard (Geraldine.guichard(at) by July 4, 2016. But, comments before 17st of June would be appreciated. – Please use the provided table for your comments.

Deadline for comments: July 4th, 2016.