Why should I use VdS?

A key question before every investment in safety and security technology: "Will it really work in an emergency?"

It will. You can ensure this very simply and directly at first glance: With the most important Quality Seal for safety and security professionals - the VdS-Approval.

What's the point?

The market offers thousands of protection and prevention mechanisms against fires and burglars. From the outside, those complex systems almost always look good. But do they protect reliably when it matters? After years, under difficult environmental conditions?

Even for experts, this is difficult to assess and requires a great deal of effort.

That's why there is VdS.

The VdS Seal of Quality offers you immediate certainty and massive simplification.

No.1 purchase criterion for experts - confirmed for many years in succession by the WIK/ASW Enquête, the most comprehensive industry survey in Europe. Preferred by decision-makers, the police and the fire brigade, recommended by authorities and insurers. With payments of over two billion euros for fire and burglary losses each year in Germany alone, insurers of course have a special interest in reliable protection.

Rely on Europe's largest institute for safety and security.

Make it easy:

Minimise risks and effort. Through clearly proven safety and security.

Specifically: What exactly does VdS test?

Approved products

Products that are to bear the VdS Quality Seal must pass practical endurance tests in the German VdS laboratories – by our "legal professional burglars", who use all the methods of the criminals, or in real test fires. Even under the most difficult environmental conditions and after artificial ageing.

Only long-term reliable products receive the coveted VdS Seal of Quality.

Approved service providers

Minimal mistakes in planning and installation mean that even the best technology cannot protect anyone. Therefore, tested and approved service providers are a decisive part of the well-known VdS-loss- prevention- concept. Police and fire brigade also demand: Installation only by certified professionals.

Clearly documented:

  • all relevant organisational and technical skills
  • speed and reliability of work processes
  • quality of execution directly in practice
  • operating equipment including spare parts management

Regular audits even after certification ensure that you can rely on VdS-approved service providers at all times.


Good to know:

You don't have to worry about anything after commissioning : The experts take over the complete selection, planning, installation of that system exactly matching your specific risk characteristics and needs - and, if desired, also the architecture of quick and reliable hazard prevention.

Additional protection: Guidelines that set safety and security standards worldwide

The safety and security and construction press calls them technical"Bibles": VdS-guidelines, the basis of our approvals, are recommended with top marks by authorities all over the world. These guidelines are also known for very specific specifications - which ensures high precision in the design of systems and services for you. New burglar tricks? They are immediately incorporated into the guidelines via our partners in the police and insurance companies and immediately take the fun out of the perpetrators' work again.

Our specifications often form the basis of new international safety standards years later.

Directly met with: DIN/EN standards and insurer specifications

A VdS-approval covers all standard requirements, e.g. EN 16763 for services on safety and security systems within the scope of the VdS-approval procedure for installation companies for hazard detection systems in accordance with VdS 3403. This also includes the"General Guidelines for Installers of Fire Protection and Safety and Security Systems (CEA 4002)" of the European insurance umbrella organisation Insurance Europe.

Why reliable burglary protection?

Almost half of the burglar victims suffer trauma. The theft of tools or small parts worth less than €100 often paralyses companies for days.
The legitimate concerns of companies and the general public are constantly attracting even more suppliers, including those who are not experts in their field and who have little competence, to the market, which is already confusing.
Simply play it safe: with the approval by Europe's No. 1 for burglary protection.
So one thing is clear from the outset: the criminals will despair of your protection technology.

Why reliable fire protection?

Every 5 minutes there is a fire in German companies alone. Damage, loss and business interruption are covered by your insurer. However 43% of the companies affected can no longer restart operations (source: GDV).
The fact that even the best customers are forced to change their service provider due to the fact that they have not been served for a long time after the fire damage - and these customers often do not come back. All this is prevented by the immediate reaction of reliable fire protection and prevention systems.

Your protection: Well over 100 years of VdS experience. We have been testing systems since they were first used in Europe.

In short: Your advantages with VdS

  • Comprehensive practical endurance tests prove and verify long-term reliability. With the VdS-seal of quality, the no. 1 purchase criterion for professionals, the customers know immediately: They are on the safe - and above all completely secured - side.
  • Minimised false alarms as well as significantly less maintenance and tested longevity ensure you high savings.
  • Approval is based on the VdS-guidelines, which are particularly appreciated for their practical relevance - top marks which combine well with over 100 years of loss prevention experience and which are also used by the fire brigade and the police.
  • No more time-consuming research: Your approved service provider is also checked to ensure that they select the system perfectly suited to you and install it in a risk-specific manner.
  • Always included: the DIN/EN standards as well as the often tougher CEA requirements of European insurers (whose core focus is of course loss minimisation - win/win for you).
  • One of our many unique selling points is the VdS-system-concept: The reliable interaction of all components is crucial. This cuts out the common weak point "all parts strong except for one, so the system does not work". Experts all over the world rely on this globally unique protection concept.

Your safety and security : unambiguously proven reliability. Make it easy for yourself - you will recognise VdS-approved products and service providers by this protected seal of quality: LOGO To the database with all VdS-approved products and service providers.