FAQs about the rules for drawing up test principles

What is a loss prevention guideline?

Testing principles are a list of technical or quality-related requirements/recommendations on products/facilities, production processes, services and methods. These include
• requirements on products and test methods for these products,
• procedural guidelines for the certification of products, firms and skilled staff, and
• requirements on planning, installation, operation and maintenance of safety-related facilities and equipment.

The basis for drawing up test principles is the experience of VdS and the related research. The aim of these testing principles is to avoid loss of and damage to life, health and property of the consumers. They also serve to support insurance companies with risk management and with the acceptable evaluation of risks.

How are testing principles created?

The initiative to draw up a testing principle can come from VdS, e.g. through a VdS product manager, or from external sources (e.g. an association of producers or installers). Where a need exists for achieving the given targets of test principles, and where the necessary resources are available, VdS may decide on the creation of new testing principles, whereby the economic, legal and political circumstances must also be assessed. A project group formed to create such testing principles must, on principle, consist of employees of VdS. If required, experts may be called in from the field of science, the authorities, employers liability insurance associations, industry or other federations and associations.

Can I comment on the drafts of testing principles?

Yes, the possibility exists of submitting comments. Before the final decision is taken on a test principle, a draft version is published on the Internet for consultation.

Who can submit a comment?

Two of the basic principles for the work carried out by VdS are transparency and openness. Any associations with a justified interest or directly affected by the requirements therefore have the right to comment on the drafts of testing principles. Qualified reasons should be given for any objections to enable the matter to be tackled effectively.

How can I comment?

Your comments can be entered on the form and sent by e-mail to the relevant project manager at VdS. The e-mail address is published with the draft of the testing principle.

How much time do I have?

The time allowed for filing an appeal is at least 4 weeks. The time limit is published on the Internet with the draft of the test principle.

What happens to the comments?

All the comments are discussed in the relevant project group. If no agreement can be reached within the project group and the person submitting the objection, the management of VdS will be brought in. The management then makes a final decision. All persons submitting an objection/appeal will be informed of the outcome. This information is generally sent by e-mail.