VdS Concept for effective and reliable Fire Protection Systems

The activities of VdS in the field of fire protection are targeted at the effectiveness and reliability of installed fire protection systems. Their objective is to confirm the effectiveness and reliability of installed fire protection systems on their first approval and on recurring inspections. Based on decades of experience, VdS has introduced concepts for many system technologies (e.g. sprinkler systems, gas extinguishing systems, fire alarm systems) which stand for effective and reliable fire protection systems. For the approval of new protection concepts, the emphasis is on the following scheme:

The effectiveness and reliability of a fire protection system can be confirmed by VdS within the context of an initial acceptance of the system, if

  • guidelines are available for the planning and installation for the system technology (e.g. sprinkler systems, gas extinguishing systems), 
  • the guidelines for planning and installation contain the applied protection concept, 
  • the system is realized according to the guidelines for planning and installation by an installer recognized for the system technology, 
  • VdS-approved products (components, systems) are used in the system.

The effectiveness of new protection concepts must be confirmed before use through intensive testing

The VdS concept takes effect for a specific fire protection system without further measures, if all modules of the VdS concept are available for the system technology used and the protection concept implemented. This, however, is not always the case. Particularly with new protection concepts, which are not described in the VdS guidelines for planning and installation, the missing modules of the VdS concept must be replaced by approvals for the new protection concept or the new system technology. In the procedures for these approvals, proof of extinguishing effectiveness and reliability must always be furnished.

Approval process

The process for the approval of new protection concepts is applicable to

  • new protection concepts without product influence and
  • new protection concepts with product influence, in which the product influence is limited to special performance features of the components which release the extinguishing agent (sprinklers or nozzles).