Assessment and verification of the constancy of performance (system 1)


The European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) has been published on 04.04.2011, and became immediately effective in all member states without national conversion.

"REGULATION (EU) No. 305/2011 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL of 09 March 2011 for the determination of harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products and for annulment of Directive 89/106/EWG issued by the Council."

The sections concerning notified bodies, approval bodies and notification authorities became applicable as early as 24.04.2011. Sections of the construction products regulation which affect conformity assessment procedures must be bindingly applied from 01.07.2013.

VdS – Notified Body in accordens with CPR

VdS is a building authority-recognised certification body (notified body) in accordance with the EU construction products regulation (CPR) and registered under ID no. 0786.

VdS offers procedures for the assessment and verification of constancy of performance (system 1) in accordance with CPR during the course of a VdS recognition procedure for construction products to be used in fixed fire fighting installations.

Once the process has been positively concluded, VdS will issue a "certificate of constancy of performance", which contains a table of all the essential characteristics of the harmonised standards used as a basis, in which all the confirmed performances declared and by the manufacturer can be seen.

Declaration of performance

Apart from a few exceptions, every manufacturer must draw up a declaration of performance (DoP) from 01.07.2013 onwards if a harmonised standard applies to the construction product. The "declaration of performance" replaces the former "declaration of conformity" for the construction products sector. All the essential characteristics which were specified in the hEN must be listed in the declaration of performance. A performance must be declared for a least one characteristic. Characteristics for which no performance is declared must be designated as "NPD" (No Performance Determined").

CE marking

The CE marking may only apply to construction products for which the manufacturer has drawn up a declaration of performance, and in this case it is mostly the manufacturer himself who selects which characteristic he wishes to verify.

Comparison of CE-labelled products is no longer possible without reference to the declaration of performance since it cannot be seen which performances a product provides without the declaration of performance.

Products and standards

The NANDO Information System is used by the European Commission to provide information about the European member states, their notified bodies and about harmonise standards applicable to the Construction Products Regulations.