Laboratory for Electronic Security Technology

The laboratory for electronic security technology carries out type testing of electronic devices and systems for intruder detectors, access control systems and video surveillance units.

A VdS approval for electronic security systems is based on a proven, reliable technology derived from decades of expertise in the field of electronic security testing. In addition, constant exchange of experience with insurance companies and the police ensures that the very latest criminal methods are taken into account in the tests.

Motion detectors being tested; electronic security technology is a key aspect of intruder alarm systems

Successful type testing and a certified quality management system at the manufacturer’s and good results in external product control are a necessary requirement for the certification and approval of products. Testing is carried out according to the VdS 2344 procedure and according to the guidelines and standards applicable to the relevant product. The following product groups and their systems and components are tested in the laboratory for electronic security technology:

  • Intruder alarm systems
  • Access control systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Hazard warning systems

Apart from the basic testing described above, VdS also conducts tests for new products based on testing agreements in line with existing standards and guidelines. These tests can also be performed as a support for new developments.

The team from the electronic security technology laboratory will be pleased to answer your questions.