Laboratory for Environmental Testing

In the VdS laboratory for environmental testing, the focus is on climate and mechanical testing. It also conducts tests on electrical and electronic devices to ensure that they comply with the EU guidelines for low voltage and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

In addition, VdS supports manufacturers of electronic devices with testing services for EMC and the environment outside the approval procedure.

In the VdS laboratory for environmental testing, the focus is on climatic and mechanical tests

Other main areas of the laboratory’s work include conformity declarations by manufacturers and CE labeling. To prove conformity, a wide variety of measurements and tests on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) can be performed.

EMC tests:

  • DIN EN 61000-6-1 and -2 Generic standard immunity
  • DIN EN 61000-6-3 and -4 Generic standard emission
  • DIN EN 50081-1 and 2 Generic standard immunity (old)
  • DINEN50082-1 and 2 Generic standard emission (old)
  • DIN 50130- 4 EMV Product family standard for alarm systems 
  • DIN 61326-1 EMV Product family standard for control and laboratory use
  • DIN EN 50155 Rail applications
  • DIN EN 50121-3-2 Rail applications

Testing of immunity

  • DIN EN 61000-4-2 Electrostatic discharge
  • DIN EN 61000-4-3 Radiated high frequency up to 2 GHz
  • DIN EN 61000-4-4 Electrical fast transient/B[b?]urst
  • DIN EN 61000-4-5 Surge voltages
  • DIN EN 61000-4-6 Cable-propagated interference factors HF
  • DIN EN 61000-4-8/9 Magnetic fields
  • DIN EN 61000-4-11 Mains voltage fluctuations and interruptions

Tests on emission:

  • DIN EN 55011 ISM equipment
  • DIN EN 55022 Information technology equipment

Especially for automotive applications and for rail vehicles, the VdS laboratories offer measurements and testing of the mechanical and climatic environmental simulation.

Mechanical environmental tests:

  • Vibration and noise as per DIN EN 60068
  • Shock and long-term shock as per DIN EN 60068
  • Tensile and compressive strength
  • Tests for automotive applications 
  • Tests for resources of rail vehicles

Climatic environmental tests:

  • Heat, cold, climates
  • Cycle testing
  • Corrosion testing
  • Salt spray

For all these measurements, a detailed test report is provided, other test specifications are available on request.

The team from the laboratory for environmental testing will be pleased to answer your questions.