Laboratory for Extinguishing Systems

Extinguishing systems differ from one another in the extinguishing agent they use: Gas or water.

Stationary gas extinguishing systems have become well established as proven concepts. To ensure reliable operation of gas extinguishing systems, all the components must be tested according to the VdS guidelines. Because different gases are used, the tests also take account of the different technologies.

With extinguishing systems, such aspects as component safety, function, reliability and environmental influences are intensively tested

The VdS laboratory for extinguishing systems also subjects the complex control devices to a system test. The team checks whether the system of extinguishing units ensures proper functioning in line with the VdS guidelines for planning and installation.

Stationary fire-extinguishing systems that work with water have always played a key role in this field. The laboratory’s main task as regards water extinguishing devices is to test the products submitted by manufacturers. The tests will ensure component safety, proper functioning, reliability and compliance with environmental regulations.

Where special measurements are required for specific applications outside the normal guidelines, VdS can also comply.

The team from the laboratory for extinguishing systems will be pleased to answer your questions.