Laboratory for Fire Detection

Fire detection and alarm systems are an important part of a comprehensive fire protection concept and make a valuable contribution to protecting people and property. Apart from detecting the fire, alerting people of the danger and passing on the alarm to the relevant rescue services or firefighting teams, they can also perform additional control functions. One such application is controlling fire-extinguishing systems so that operating resources can be switched on or off depending on requirements. The VdS laboratory for fire detection and alarm systems examines the individual components of such systems, makes sure the individual devices used in the system interact properly, and ensures that they conform to the relevant guidelines and regulations.

VdS has test rooms in which all products can be tested for fire protection under real conditions

The laboratory for fire detection and alarm systems cooperates closely with the other VdS laboratories. If the fire detection and alarm system is also intended to control other devices such as extinguishing systems, the overall function of the fire protection system must be examined, which means that the laboratory for extinguishing systems must also be included in the examination. The tests are performed in line with the existing European standards of EN 54, but also in line with national and VdS guidelines.