Laboratory Physical Security

The physical securing of a building represents the basis for every conclusive security concept. The aim is to deter perpetrators from the outset or to force them to stop a lengthy and unsuccessful burglary attempt. VdS-approved physical security devices offer certified high resistance against intrusions. Perpetrators don’t enjoy “working” with products that bear the VdS quality label.

In the laboratory for physical security devices our engineers test products for their intrusion resistance and, if necessary, theft attempts. VdS approval for physical security technology therefore certifies sophisticated and functionally reliable technology.  The worldwide reputation of the VdS quality label is as a result of the use of modern technology and innovative testing methods coupled with, above all, the comprehensive expertise and extensive experience of our engineers.

A VdS engineer testing the resistance of a lock cylinder against drilling attacs

Manufacturers can clearly demonstrate that their products withstand the methods of professional burglars

With VdS approval manufacturers can optimise their position in the market.  They can show clearly that their products can resist the most sophisticated and latest methods used by professional criminals.  Users of the product as well as insurers have definitive proof that the products meet the defined requirements.

High product quality is assured through successfully completing a type testing of the product.  Tests are performed based on the accepted, valid standards as well as in accordance with the VdS guidelines, which are continuously updated to take into account new burglary attacks and loss scenarios.

Consistent product quality is ensured during the validity of the approval through, for example, repeated on-site manufacturing monitoring.  As a result of this repeated testing VdS approval provides a much higher level of confidence among all market participants compared to a single, one-off performed test.

VdS is characterised by decades of experience in the field of testing physical security devices.  Constant communication between insurers, manufacturers and the police ensures that even the latest developments and burglary methods are considered when testing and are incorporated into the VdS guidelines. Tests are based on the VdS guidelines VdS 2344 and take into account the relevant product guidelines/directives and standards.

Tested product groups, systems and components (see list)

  • Burglar-resistant locks and fittings
  • High security locks
  • Additional security devices
  • Lock cylinders
  • Locks for bikes and trailers
  • Burglar resistant facade elements (e.g. dorrs, windows)
  • Pay and display ticket machines
  • Petrol payment terminals
  • Other security measures (e.g. container protection devices)

For newly developed products, VdS can perform tests on the basis of a customised testing agreement, which can be created together with the client in accordance with existing guidelines and standards.

In the course of product development, individual test steps are performed to detect costly mistakes at an early stage.  Numerous manufacturers use the chance/opportunity to attend testing themselves in order to gain additional experience/insights to optimise their products.