Laboratory for Software Testing

As in other areas of technology, the number of programmable electronic devices and systems is increasing all the time – as it is in the field of fire protection and security. The functionality of these devices is governed to a very large extent by the programs used, which means that software design and documentation is of major importance.

The functionality of apparatus and equipment is highly dependent on the software being used; for this reason, the software programs also have to be included in the tests

The VdS software testing service has formulated requirements for the test concept that must be met by a well-documented software program. For example:

  • A comprehensible, reproducible development procedure has been followed.
  • The software program can be properly updated by competent software developers (even if the original developer is no longer available).
  • Measures have been taken to prevent certain common causes of unreliability or recognize errors in connection with the software.

Apart from the reproducibility of the programming, the laboratory examines constructive measures on improved reliability of the programs based on the VdS guidelines for software in fire protection and security technology (VdS 2203). These guidelines are compatible with the requirements of existing European standards (series of standards 54).

The team from the software laboratory will be pleased to answer your questions.