Laboratory for Strongrooms and Safes

For securing valuable property against theft, a safe is the first choice. Correctly positioned and fixed safes reliably protect your valuables against burglars. Contrary to a deposit box in a bank the users always have access to e.g. their jewellery or important documents.

In the laboratory for safes and strongrooms our VdS engineers test safes for resistance to burglary and removal. Our “safe-breakers” use more than 250 different devices and tools to carry out these tests.

The confidence that the leading manufacturers have in the VdS quality label for safes comes from comprehensive technical equipment and knowledge, as well as the competence of our engineers which has been gained through years of experience.

Safes are subject to rigorous tests.

Manufacturer can unambiguously prove that their products resist methods of professional burglars.

Products that bear the VdS quality label stand for mature and fail-safe reliability, operation reliability and operating safety. These features grant manufacturers an optimum for positioning their products in the market. Users as well as insurers have the proof that the products meet the requirements for high resistance to burglary or theft attempts.

High product quality is proved by a successfully completed type testing of the products. The test is performed on the basis of valid standards and the well-known practical VdS-guidelines. Consistent product quality is assured during the validity of the approval by, among other things, repeated production product surveillance on site. This is why VdS-approval enjoys a much higher confidence in the market than just simply a test.

VdS is characterized by decades of experience in the field of testing of safes. A constant exchange of experience with insurers, manufacturers and police will also ensure for the future that the latest developments and burglary methods are considered in the guidelines.

The tests are based on VdS guidelines VdS 2344 and incorporate the valid product guidelines and standards.

Tested product families, systems and components

The following safes and its components (see list) are tested in the laboratory for safes and strongrooms:

  • Safes, strongrooms and strongroom doors
  • Safes for deposit systems
  • Safes for automatic teller machines
  • Transfert safes
  • Data cabinets
  • Secure safes cabinets        
  • handover systems for keys
  • Gun safes
  • Deposit-box systems

VdS even performs tests on the basis of customized testing agreements which can be developed together with the client on the basis of existing guidelines and standards for newly developed products.

In the course of product development single test steps may also be performed in order to detect fault developments at an early stage. Numerous manufacturers use the chance to attend testing themselves in order to be able to gain additional experience to optimize their products.