VdS approval of Experts for the Inspection of Electrical Installations

About 30% of the fires registered by the property insurance companies can be explained by faults in electrical systems. These fires could be avoided with a high degree of probability if the electrical systems were free of faults. To ensure this they must, however, be professionally planned, installed and subjected to regular, professional maintenance and inspection.

An inspection by a VdS-approved expert is to be recommended, in particular, for electrical systems for which the so-called fire clause 3602 has been contractually agreed upon. This applies not only to existing electrical systems, but also to facilities which are still in the planning phase.

Defective electrical equipment is one of the most common causes of fires; correct maintenance and testing is therefore an important aspect of active fire protection

Access to the approval process is open to natural persons who, among other things,

  • inspect electrical equipment and systems on a full-time basis and are permanently available for this purpose, 
  • neither install, have installed nor sell electrical equipment and systems or who alternatively are able to prove the objectivity and independence of their activity as an expert by means of a certified public order and administration of an oath, 
  • are in possession of a degree in electrical engineering (university or polytechnic) or alternatively, as a master electrician, can produce a public order and administration of an oath as an expert for the electrician’s skilled trade, 
  • after graduating, in 5 years of practical activity, have gained sound knowledge and experience in the area of electrical engineering in general as well as in the area of electrical installation technology, in particular.