VdS Approval of Installers for physical Security Measures

The security measures executed by the installer must be in agreement with the following VdS guidelines: 

  • Security guidelines for shops and business (VdS 2333) or
  • Security guidelines for households (VdS 691) or
  • Guidelines for planning and installation of physical security measures (VdS 2537) 

An initial approval is issued for a period of 18 months (so-called provisional approval); the final approval is issued for a period of four years. 

Physical security systems are the key to effective protection from intruders; windows and doors are particularly at risk

The services include one or more of the following areas: 

  • Refitting of doors
  • Refitting of windows
  • Assembly of doors
  • Assembly of windows/glazing
  • Assembly of bars
  • Production of bars
  • Assembly of shutters

The services can also be rendered in cooperation with workshops in the appropriate specialist field, provided that the qualification of these partners is adequately proved and there are sufficient contractual connections.