VdS Certification of Specialist Companies for Fire Alarm Systems according to DIN 14675

VdS is accredited for the certification of FAS specialist companies by Deutsche Akkreditierungs GmbH (DAkkS) according to DIN EN 45011. 

Companies which are able to render one or several of the services listed below have access to the certification process:

  • Planning of FAS (outline and execution planning – without reference to a specific fire alarm system)
  • Project planning of FAS (work and assembly planning – with reference to a specific fire alarm system) 
  • Assembly/installation of FAS
  • Start-up of FAS
  • Approval of FAS
  • Maintenance of FAS

The services rendered must correspond with the regulations of DIN 14675. 

As a rule, a certificate is issued for a period of 4 years. Specialist companies which have not proven any practical experience in the planning, project planning, assembly, start-up, removal or maintenance of FAS, initially receive a certificate with a validity of one year. In general, specialist companies for FAS are not authorized, however, to issue VdS installation certificates.