List of VdS-approved Products for Gas Extinguishing Systems

Date: 09.07.2020

Power supply equipments

Control and indicating equipments

Control and indicating equipments

Control devices

Electrical control devices


Gas fire extinguishing systems

CO2 high-pressure - fire extinguishing systems

CO2 low-pressure - fire extinguishing systems

IG-541 - fire extinguishing systems

Nitrogen - Fire extinguishing systems

Nitrogen - fire extinguishing systems with admixture

Permanent inert gas fire extinguishing systems

HFC-227ea - fire extinguishing systems

FK-5-1-12 - fire extinguishing systems

HFC-125 fire extinguishing systems

Special Fire Detectors

Special fire detectors

Special fire detectors, non-electrical

Control Devices

Non-electrical control devices

Non-electrical control devices

Delay devices

Shuttle valves

Non-electrical disable devices

Manual triggering devices

Component for non-electrical controls

Pneumatic alarm devices

Valves and Actuators

Container valves

High-pressure container valves and actuators

Selector valves

Selector valves and actuators

Container and Assemblies

Weighing devices

Weighing devices for high-pressure container

Weighing devices for CO2 low-pressure container

Monitoring of pressures

Pressure gauges

Contact pressure gauges

Pressure gauges with switch

Pressure switches

Pressure control valves

Pressure regulators

Pipework Elements



Nozzle accessories

Pressure reduction devices

Pressure reduction devices

Check valve and non return valves

Check valves

Non return valves

Hoses and container connection pipes


Container connection pipes

Pipework elements

Pipework elements