List of VdS-approved Products for Hazard Warning Systems

Date: 09.07.2020

Home - Control and Idicating Equipments (CIE)

Control and indication equipment (CIE)

Control and Indicating Equipments (CIE)

Wireless Control and Indicating Equipment (CIE)

CIE extensions

Wireless Sub-CIE

Home - Ancillary control equipment (ACE)

Ancillary control equipment (ACE)

Ancillary control equipment (ACE)

Wireless ancillary control equipment (ACE)

Detectors for Hazard Warning Systems

Motion detectors

Wireless Infrared Motion Detectors

Opening detectors

wireless opening detectors

Accessories for Hazard Warning Systems

Input/output interfaces for transmission paths

Wireless Contact Transmitters

Wireless modules (interface)

Wireless control and indication panels


Warning devices (WD)

Wirelesswarning devices (WD)

Hazard Warning Systems

Hazard Warning Systems