List of VdS-approved Smoke Alarm Devices

Important notification for manufacturers and consumers

Expiry of VdS approvals for smoke alarm devices not tested in accordance with VdS 3131

In 2011 VdS along with relevant involved parties developed guidelines with additional requirements for smoke alarm devices. These additional requirements exceed those of the European product standard EN 14604.

For example, the testing of environmental impacts has been tightened and smoke alarm devices are required to have a non-exchangeable power supply that allows for an operating duration of at least 10 years.

The agreed transitional period ends on 31.03.2015, so that as of 01.04.2015 all VdS-approved smoke alarm devices must also fulfil the additional requirements in accordance with VdS 3131.

-> Here You can find a complete list of smoke alarm devices with a VdS approval that is valid beyond 31.03.2015 <-

Smoke alarm devices that do not fulfil the additional requirements of VdS 3131 and whose approval thus ends on 31.03.2015, may still be distributed as VdS-approved and be marked accordingly with the VdS logo for a maximum of 6 months beyond this date, if they were produced before the expiry date of the approval.

As these smoke alarm devices will not be listed on the VdS website anymore, we recommend contacting the manufacturer or distributor for information on the products.

Due to often very complex multi-layered business channels we can assume that there will be smoke alarm devices with the VdS logo on the market for even more that 6 months after the approval expiry.

However, as these products were manufactured before the expiry of the approval under specified and monitored conditions by the approval holder or its manufacturing site, they should be considered unreservedly as high-quality products.