Personal Training in Plants with Gas Extinguishers

Fire-extinguishing systems are an indispensable prerequirement for effective fire protection. They ensure that people and property are reliably protected in the event of a fire. However, the right fire protection equipment depends very much on the local conditions. For example, gas-extinguishing systems have a considerable advantage over water-extinguishing systems when it is a question of protecting against specific risks, such as rooms where combustible liquids are stored or processed. Computer rooms, too, are generally best protected by gas-extinguishing systems.

Handling gases as fire extinguishing agents requires qualified training of the employees

At the same time, the handling of gas-extinguishing systems itself represents a potential risk, because the concentration of the extinguishing gas and, related to this, the reduction of the oxygen content can lead to personal danger, making various technical and organizational measures necessary for personal protection. For this reason, staff training is of high priority alongside technical inspection. At the heart of annual personal training sessions are protective measures that explain the correct handling of gas-extinguishing systems and make the workers aware of possible hazards emanating from the extinguishing agents. In addition, the members of VdS SchadenverhĂĽtung offer the possibility of drawing up a practical safety concept together with the operator to cover staff training.