Risk Analyses and Expert Reports

Risk analysis and risk inspections

The best fire protection comes from identifying potential sources of risk in advance so that fires cannot occur in the first place. Against this background, VdS Inspection Services offers insurers, users and operators, and other interested parties a wide-ranging portfolio of services for the analysis and assessment of fire risks. As a result of the investigations, risk-specific concepts are evaluated and practical solutions drawn up for preventive fire protection. The recommendations contribute to improving the risk situation and give concrete assistance with individual fire protection concepts. Initial analyses and evaluations show that this relatively new service is being very well received by clients.

The experts at the Inspection Services also operate as certified experts in fire protection

Expert reports

For specific issues involving technical fire protection equipment, the experts from the Inspection Services also draw up expert reports. These reports are highly relevant in assessing fire protection concepts and accurately analyzing whether an extinguishing device will function according to the regulations in the event of a fire. In addition, the reports can refer to the possibility for eliminating deficiencies. The basis for every diagnosis is a complete testing of the technical fire protection measures. The reports may, under some circumstances, be ordered by authorities, law courts or other state institutions. But also builders and owners who want to have their project assessed by an independent third party to ensure optimum fire protection will always be on the safe side with an expert report from VdS.