Testing Technical Safety Equipment in Accordance with the Federal State Building Order

In their capacity as state legislators, the supreme Building Supervisory Boards in the individual German states demand that the building owner or operator tests technical safety equipment and systems in constructional plants and rooms of special type and use (so-called special structures).
Systems subject to testing in special structures include, for example:

  • Fire detector systems and alarm equipment
  • Natural and automatic smoke extraction systems as well as overpressure systems for keeping stairwells free of smoke
  • Stationary, automatic and non-automatic fire extinguishing systems
  • Safety lighting and safety power supplies
  • Fire safety doors etc. within the framework of track-bound conveyor systems

Scope of testing

Tests on technical safety systems and equipment must be performed prior to initial commissioning thereof but also after any essential modification to the technical systems and/or building structure. Changes in use of buildings also represent an essential alteration in terms of the legislation applicable here and demand renewed testing of the relevant technical safety systems. Furthermore, the effectiveness and operational safety of technical systems must be retested at intervals of 1 to 3 years, depending on the type of system involved.

Testing by experts

As a general rule, tests must be performed by legally recognized construction regulation experts. If the systems comply with the requirements, the expert can draw up the certificate for submission to the responsible Building Supervisory Board. The test results are recorded in a comprehensive test report.
VdS avails of legally recognized construction regulation experts throughout Germany.