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The VdS Press Archives contain past press releases; information relating to new developments within the company; reports of participation in trade fairs and exhibitions; new or updated guidelines; VdS certification procedures; new publications; tips for consumers; and up-to-date information about VdS's training and post-experience education programs.

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New procedural guidelines at VdS

July 1st will see the introduction of new procedural guidelines for approval and certification by VdS laboratories. // Amendments to the previous VdS 2344 include additional EN/ISO/IEC and VdS Home procedures, as well as...more

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First VdS conference in the Netherlands

VdS symposia are well-known as international gatherings for safety and security experts. // On 2nd October, Europe’s number one institute for fire protection will be holding the “Fire Protection Systems” conference in the...more

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Eerste VdS-vakcongres in Nederland

De vakcongressen van VdS (Vertrouwen door Zekerheid) hebben een reputatie opgebouwd als ontmoetingsplaats voor internationale experts uit de veiligheidsbranche. // Op 2 oktober nodigt Europa’s meest vooraanstaande instituut voor...more

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The semi-final is a safe thing

Anticipation for the European football championship in Poland and the Ukraine is already enormous. // VdS (Inspected. Approved. Safe) has inspected a large part of the fire protection systems at the Warsaw National Stadium.more

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VdS Fire Safety Cologne celebrates premiere

VdS (Inspected. Approved. Safe.) will stage the first VdS Fire Safety at the Cologne Trade Fair on December 05th and 06th . // Being the very first fire protection trade fair in the German Rhineland, the VdS Fire Safety will...more

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Europe´s top certificates from a single source

The acceleration of marketability is becoming increasingly important for safety and security products. // VdS shared tests together with its French partner organisation CNPP for over 50 Honeywell products in a pilot project.more

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Nowe Standardy VdS CEA 4001

Po?ar powoduje najcz??ciej nieodwracalne straty, a jak wiadomo jedynym skutecznym sposobem przeciwdzia?ania jest w?a?ciwa prewencja przeciwpo?arowa. Szczególne znaczenie ma ona w obiektach produkcyjnych, magazynowych, czy te?...more

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