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Guidelines VdS 3836 now available in English: VdS makes digital innovations possible - and secure

For networked products, customised security requirements must be applied in order to avoid hacker attacks or risks of disruption and downtime. Together with the relevant associations, VdS has developed the VdS 3836 guidelines,...more

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New VdS-support for foam and water spray extinguishing systems

VdS bundles over 110 years of experience in ensuring the effectiveness of fire protection systems into numerous Guidelines – and has now adapted its well-known practical assistance for safe foam and water spray extinguishing...more

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Free data sheet with fire protection concepts for lithium batteries

Lithium batteries have “established themselves as a typical cause of fire loss”, confirm not only the researchers of IFS. // Together with other experts, VdS has now developed extinguishing system solutions for this relatively...more

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Save the date:

2nd international VdS conference „Fire Protection Systems“ in Bucharest, Romania, April 29th 2020 more

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Qatar expands VdS-acceptance

The Ministry of the Interior of Qatar has renewed and significantly expanded its demands for VdS-approved products. // In addition, VdS signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indian Fire & Security Association.more

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New VdS-Guidelines: 
Reliable visual fire monitoring

Innovative image evaluation algorithms now also make optical fire detection possible – however, there are still no binding standards for ensuring the reliability of these camera systems. // VdS has therefore developed Guidelines...more

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