Premiere: VdS-Approval for infrared fire detection

For the fire protection innovation Pyrosmart from company Orglmeister, an IR system for automatic temperature monitoring, no EN specifications exist. // VdS has now verified the effectiveness and reliability of this system with a specially developed test agreement.

Handing over the VdS Certificate of Approval for the Pyrosmart IR camera detecting heat sources independently: from left Michael Berend, Orglmeister Development Manager; Managing Director Albert Orglmeister; Benjamin Kluthe, VdS test engineer; Rafael Bernsdorf, head of the VdS Laboratories for special products.

Cologne/Germany, June6th, 2019. In the typically polluted/dust-laden atmosphere of the recycling, wood and paper industry as well as for outdoor storage areas, conventional smoke and fire detection equipment is hardly suitable. For the protection of such businesses, the German specialist Orglmeister has developed an infrared camera device which automatically monitors the temperature by means of a pan/tilt drive and localises as well as reports critical heat sources at an early stage. The effectiveness and reliability of the Pyrosmart system has now been proven and verified by a specially designed innovation test at VdS.

“The Pyrosmart scans independently and constantly through detection areas with repeatable accuracy, by the way with an uncompromisingly robust drive technology specially developed for this application,” emphasises Albert Orglmeister, Managing Director of Orglmeister Infrarot-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG. “A panorama video image that can be switched over parallel to the infrared panorama display makes it easier for those responsible for safety to quickly identify hazards. The intuitive operation of the patented technology is also important. Incidentally, planning and installation are carried out in accordance with the VdS 3189 guidelines. We are very pleased that we can now clearly attest and verify the reliability of our detection unit with the VdS-approval at first glance”.

“The IR camera device combines infrared radiation measurement with real image recording,” explains Rafael Bernsdorf, head of the VdS laboratories for special products. “Our tests confirm: If an application-specific temperature value is exceeded in the monitored area, the technology directly triggers an alarm. Often well before the first smoke or flame is formed. As usual, VdS-Approval also confirms safe operation under high mechanical and electromagnetic stress, after ageing and under the most difficult environmental conditions. Congratulations to the Orglmeister team for the successfully approved design and development”.

The “individual test agreements” of VdS enable the approval of innovations for which no norms exist yet. Years later, they often form the basis of international safety regulations. For Europe's fire protection experts, VdS-Approval is the most important quality criterion.

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