Important fire protection advice for businesses on 4 films

Knowledge is a crucial factor for minimizing the high fire risks in businesses. // The German Insurance Association (GDV) is presenting typical hazards as well as benchmarks for loss pre-vention in 4 compact films on one DVD.

Typical fire hazards in businesses and important activities for loss prevention are now presented in four compact films by the GDV and VdS (pictured the filming of a scene).

Cologne/Germany, March 3rd 2017. A mass of fire hazards endangers industrial and trade companies – the good news is that most of these threats are well-known to insurers. Four films, produced by the German Insurance Association (GDV) and VdS, Europe´s No.1 institute for fire protection, now offer important knowledge on these matters. They visualize typical fire hazards in industrial and business enterprises and explain complex technical circumstances. Therefore the films can be used as an aid in advising policyholders in fire protection. They are also suitable for the training of staff and as a teaching tool in fire protection training.

The clips cover the following subject areas:

  • Film 1: Storage of combustible materials close to buildings
  • Film 2: Fire loads in production and storage areas
  • Film 3: Machinery fire hazards
  • Film 4: Electrical devices

„Those films visualize the mostly complex issues of fire protection and make them lightly understandable, thus strongly easing optimal fire protection“, explains Alexander Küsel, Head of Loss Prevention Property Insurance at the GDV. „They answer, among other things, typical questions usually arising at risk inspections of fire insurance providers and explain the impact of fire as well as appropriate steps for optimal loss prevention.“

The DVD in both German and English with a running time of more than 30 minutes is available for 29, 90 € (excl. shipping and VAT) at verlag@vds.de . You can also find further info or order directly at www.vds.de/3401en.

About VdS

VdS is one of the world's most renowned institutions for corporate safety and security. 500 experts offer a unique range of services for fire protection, security, cyber-security and natural hazard prevention.

Services include risk assessments, testing and certification, inspections, information systems for natural hazards and an extensive training program. In addition, the independent institute sets international safety and security standards with the publication of a comprehensive set of guidelines.

The optimal protection of our partners is based on a worldwide unique safeguarding concept whose reliability builds on more than 100 years of VdS-experience, combining all core aspects of loss prevention. 30 out of the 30 biggest German companies as well as decisionmakers around the world rely on VdS-approved reliability and certainty.

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