VdS-FireSafety 2018 with international conference "Fire Extinguishing Systems"

The conference classic for fire protection professionals at the popular industry get-together in Cologne, 4th and 5th December 2018 at the Cologne Exhibition Centre.

The VdS conference "Fire Extinguishing Systems" will take place during VdS-FireSafety Cologne 2018 over two days, with international topics and German-English simultaneous translation.

Cologne, June 2018: VdS-FireSafety Cologne on 4th and 5th December 2018 will once again offer fire protection and security professionals a wide range of information, consisting of seven top-class conferences and symposiums, a large trade fair and thematic forums in the exhibition hall, which are open to all trade fair visitors. As traditionally every second year, the major industry get-together for preventive fire protection in 2018 will have an international focus. This means that numerous exhibitors from Germany and abroad will be presenting their solutions at the trade fair, and visitors are expected from all over Europe and beyond. In addition, the popular VdS conference "Fire Extinguishing Systems" (4/5 December 2018) will take place with an international perspective and simultaneous German-English translation.

The programme of the conference "Fire Extinguishing Systems" covers a wide range of current topics around the technology and regulation of Fire Extinguishing Systems (FES), as usual with a lot of practical relevance, exciting international application scenarios and the opportunity for discussion.

This year's topics include amongst many others:

Water Mist Extinguishing Systems
This is about the new VdS-guidelines for this type of extinguishing system, also in comparison with EN-standards and NFPA-guidelines, as well as interesting applications.

Foam Extinguishing Systems
Amongst other things, current developments in foam extinguishing agents, future approval procedures and the new VdS-guidelines are described - also here in comparison with other regulations.

Oxygen Reduction Systems
Experience gained over many years with installed systems are presented from the perspective of an industrial insurer. Furthermore, the test methods and their implementation in the planning and installation guidelines of FM Global and VdS are compared.

Fire at Grenfell Tower in London
The official results of the investigation will be examined and the question will be discussed whether a sprinkler system could have prevented the accident or at least significantly contained the fire.

Quality problems with Fire Extinguishing Systems components and their assembly.
It will be demonstrated how the efficiency of existing sprinkler systems is sometimes impaired due to manufacturing defects in pipelines.

As always, participants will have the opportunity to visit the major international trade fair, the Science and Exhibitor Forum and the Future Forum Fire Protection in the large exhibition hall during the breaks in the conference - both with a large number of specialist presentations on fire protection and safety and security topics.

Detailed information about the VdS conference "Fire Extinguishing Systems International" can be found at www.vds.de/fla18

Information about the VdS-FireSafety can be found at www.vds-brandschutztage.de.

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