Courses on the Topic of Fire Protection

Our courses on the subject of fire protection are listed below. Please contact us if you are looking for a training in another language then German or at another venue outside Germany, so we can provide you with an offer taking into account your demands and language requests.

Preventive Fire Protection, General

  • Fire prevention officer
  • Fire prevention officer for hospitals
  • Fire risk management
  • Fire prevention management
  • Basic principles of fire protection, part 1
  • Basic principles of fire protection, part 2
  • Fire protection in meeting places
  • Event safety, planning and organisation
  • Basic knowledge of explosion protection – implementation of industrial safety ordinance and explosion protection documents
  • Protection against dust explosions
  • Evacuation – basic principles, calculation methods, concepts and examples

Organizational Fire Protection

  • Fire protection orders
  • Preparation of flight and rescue plans
  • Checklists – a practical aid for industrial fire protection
  • Visualization of fire protection concepts
  • Practical course for fire protection officers
  • Professional preparation of fire brigade plans

In-House Personnel

  • Fire protection helpers, self-help staff
  • Evacuation helpers, floor officers
  • Coach for evacuation helpers
  • Fire protection in work with fire risk

Operation and Control of Fire Protection Systems

  • Sprinkler controller
  • Gas extinguishing system controller
  • Expert for fire alarm systems
  • Fire protection doors and gates
  • Fire protection flaps – control and maintenance

Fire Protection using automatic systems

  • Basic principles of water extinguishing/gas extinguishing systems
  • Fire alarm system technology
  • Project planning of fire alarm systems
  • Further training fire alarm systems
  • Water extinguishing system technology
  • Gas extinguishing system technology
  • Smoke and heat exhaust ventilating systems
  • Smoke control on staircases
  • Voice alarm systems

Structural Fire Protection

  • Structural fire protection
  • Fire protection in industrial buildings – industrial building guideline and DIN 18230