VdS Certificate in Accordance with VdS 3473: Show your Customers and Partners that you are Serious about It

A VdS-certification confirms that your Cyber-Security fully complies with all requirements of the guidelines VdS 3473 and ensures that your business is adequately protected against the main cyber threats.

The requirements are specifically tailored to the SME sector, without overstraining the company organisationally and financially. The recommended measures may be implemented in the company through its own specialised staff (e.g. IT department and Information Security Officers). Or you make use of the help of VdS-approved consultants for Cyber-Security, who make your Cyber-Security fit for a VdS certification.

Our highly qualified auditors verify the necessary documentation and prove onsite for a proper implementation of all measures. The time required depends on the IT structure. The validity period of the VdS certificate is three years, whereby scheduled annual check-up-audits (with a reduced scope) will take place. A VdS-certified Cyber-Security generates high confidence among your customers and partners and leads to competitive advantages. A VdS certificate may also help insurers in the risk assessment when offering coverage of cyber damages. This keeps the risks away from your balance sheet. It is calculable to see that your investments in Cyber-Security pay off.