Information from the VdS Inspection Services

The coronavirus continues to spread throughout Germany. The goal right now continues to be, as far as possible, to reduce the speed at which the virus is spreading while at the same time maintaining normal business operations.

Every day, company management coordinates its activities on the basis of the latest information and developments (e.g., data published by the Robert Koch Institute) and issues appropriate instructions to all our employees.

These instructions include, for example, compliance with recommended hygiene measures, a ban on traveling to risk areas, home quarantine in the event of a suspected case (in the private or business sphere), and the relevant information for the respective superior, who will initiate further measures.

As a dependable partner, we are currently continuing to carry out our expert tests on your fire protection systems. Of course, we are in no position to predict how long we will be able to do so. Please understand that the protection of employees is our top priority. Despite all existing (economic) uncertainty regarding COVID-19, the current situation also offers us an opportunity to bring forward inspections that can only be carried out to a limited extent or with increased organizational input during normal day-to-day operations. This would allow operating procedures to be disrupted to a much lesser degree, with fewer employees present and/or fewer stoppages necessary, or even allow us to access places that are otherwise difficult to access and require us to carry out inspections at weekends.

Take-up of this offer would lead to the superseding of individual agreements reached with our business partners. We ask that you understand that it is not possible to review each individual agreement, the wording of which often differs greatly, which currently reach us in large numbers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.