Information from our management systems unit

The health of our customers, our auditors, and the people they work and live with is very important to us. For this reason, the Certification Body for Management Systems at VdS  has taken appropriate measures to deal with the current developments.

The measures we have taken ensure that your certification(s) retain their validity and that the requirements of DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH) for accredited certifications continue to be met.
For the time being, auditing will be performed using a two-stage procedure. This encompasses


  • a remote audit performed on the scheduled date and
  • an on-site audit to be performed at a later date.

Remote audits are those in which the audit can be performed remotely in the usual time frame with the help of appropriate technical and communication measures, which we will explain to you below.

If re-certification is pending, a remote audit (which must take place before the certificate expires) will be performed, after which you will receive an interim report and a one-time certificate renewal covering a period of 6 months. The on-site audit must be performed within this period. Upon completion of the re-certification process, you will receive the final audit report and a certificate for the remaining period of the original 3-year term.

If the first or second surveillance audit is pending, a remote audit (which must take place within the normal scheduled time frame) will be performed, after which you will receive an interim report and notification that your certification has been renewed. The on-site audit must be performed within the next 3 months. Once the surveillance process has been completed, you will receive the final audit report and information on maintaining and continuing your certification until the next scheduled audit.

Invoices will be issued separately for the each of the two stages of the procedure. Important for you: You will not incur any additional costs overall as a result of this two-stage procedure.

As a rule, we use what are known as “remote audit techniques” (RATs), such as video conferencing systems and/or secure applications (such as Skype, FaceTime, WebEx, TeamViewer), to perform remote audits. These enable us to access the management system documentation and related records we require to perform an audit in a manner fully compliant with the requirements for the awarding of accreditation. Contractual arrangements covering the use of RAT can be found, among other places, in VdS Guidelines VdS 2343 .

If use of the above-cited remote audit techniques is not possible, the remote audit can be performed alternatively by means of a telephone call and the prior or simultaneous sending of assessable documents by e-mail.

The two-stage procedure is also applicable for multi-site procedures in accordance with VdS Guidelines VdS 2836. Remote and on-site audits must be performed at both the main site (head office) and the associated locations (subsidiaries) in accordance with the defined sample size. Your auditor will contact you shortly beforehand with regard to detailed audit planning and performance.

Especially in crisis situations, a lived-out and certified management system ensures that your company does not go under. We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have in order to provide you with the best possible support and be a strong partner even in times of exceptional challenges.

Our management and all our auditors are equipped such that we are able to work outside our office. You can still reach us by telephone and e-mail during normal business hours.

We thank you for your confidence and trust in our services and wish you all the best for the coming period.