Information for installers

VdS is offering alternative assessment methods for the approval of installers in its installer approval procedure.

VdS will reduce business trips and customer contacts to a minimum and until further notice, replace currently scheduled on-site assessments with alternative assessment procedures. This also affects examination of the professional competence of installation companies of intruder alarm systems within the framework of the approval procedures specified in VdS 2130 and VdS 3403.

In order nevertheless to meet the procedural requirements, to maintain or renew your VdS approval and to be able to issue certificates on time, we intend to verify your professional competence by means of the following alternative assessment procedures:

  • Verification of the quality of workmanship demonstrated in the intruder alarm systems (modules A, B, and C) you have installed and certified by means of a remote procedure based on the installation certificates and performance documents.
  • Expert discussion by telephone with the main specialist responsible and/or their deputy.

Requirements that cannot be assessed remotely will not be evaluated.

We have asked or will ask you in a separate letter to provide us with the following documents for the purpose of assessing each intruder alarm system (preferably by e-mail or via our SSL-secured fileshare platform; if possible, with anonymized customer data in the documents);

  • VdS certificate
  • Site plan with wiring diagram
  • Detector group catalog
  • Block diagram
  • List of system components
  • Terminal diagrams for distribution boards
  • Parameterization of the intruder alarm control panel and transmission device (at least transmission type (e.g., DP4), encryption, routine call, fault transmission, dialing sequences)
  • Commissioning report
  • Acceptance/handover report
  • Maintenance records from the last 12 months
  • Any conditions imposed by the insurer

Depending on the outcome of the examination of the certificate and performance documents, the subsequent expert discussion can take up to one hour per intruder alarm system. In order to coordinate the way forward and arrange a date for the expert discussion with you, we will contact you by telephone.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.